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Primary 2011 – Results

No surprise results for Tuesday’s primary election.

All of the MontcoGOP endorsed candidates won easily.

Dick Kratz was unopposed for Perkiomen Twp Supervisor, and will be unopposed in November.

Brian Beal received (unofficially) 33 write-in votes to be on the Republican ballot for Auditor in the fall.

For the school board, the Republican candidates are: (incumbents in bold, GOP = underlined)
David Warren, Diane Landes, Ann Mantey, Sam Schweigert, and John Knudsen Jr.

The Democrat candidates are: (incumbents in bold, GOP = underlined)
Andrea Galambos, James Nelson, David Warren, Diane Landes and John Knudsen Jr.

Thanks for coming out in the rain!


General Election Results

Here are the results for Perkiomen Township only.
Unofficial, and no absentees included.

We had 2622 total voters, for a 46% turnout.
It was fun to meet you all.

Onorato (D) 1124 43%
Corbett (R) 1476 56%

Sestak (D) 1184 45%
Toomey (R) 1413 54%

Trivedi (D) 966 37%
Gerlach (R) 1617 62%

State Senate
Stehman (D) 933 36%
Rafferty (R) 1650 63%

State House
Dodge (D) 1036 40%
Toepel (R) 1535 59%


Paid for by the Perkiomen Township Republican Committee