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General Election Results

Here are the results for Perkiomen Township only.
Unofficial, and no absentees included.

We had 2622 total voters, for a 46% turnout.
It was fun to meet you all.

Onorato (D) 1124 43%
Corbett (R) 1476 56%

Sestak (D) 1184 45%
Toomey (R) 1413 54%

Trivedi (D) 966 37%
Gerlach (R) 1617 62%

State Senate
Stehman (D) 933 36%
Rafferty (R) 1650 63%

State House
Dodge (D) 1036 40%
Toepel (R) 1535 59%



Election Day – Official Ballot

Here’s a copy of the Official GOP “Green Ballot”.


Yes, I know it’s white. The copy you’ll be receiving at the polls will be green.

Hope to see you there!

Paid for by the Perkiomen Township Republican Committee